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Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh No, They Be Holdin' My Refund Hostage

You've probably already heard the fuss about getting IOUs instead of refund checks here in California. That said, according to this, if you file early enough, you should get your refund as usual. Last year the FTB (Franchise Tax Board) processed my refund in a matter of days. As usual, I'm neither expert nor professional, but this is probably the last day to file with even a slight hope of getting your return processed before the February 1st deadline and the 30 day hold.

As I've emphasized before, most of my readers will qualify for free file - for your federal taxes as well as your state taxes. If you're in California, I suggest you grab your W-2 and try to make the deadline.


Hava said...

They haven't even given us our W-2 forms yet.


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