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Monday, March 17, 2008

Preaching by Example

Any blogger writing on financial matters should be accountable for the advice they give. To that end, I'll be reporting my income and net worth at the end of every month in what I'll call my "Full Disclosure" post, which will be followed within a day or two by an Income vs. Expenses report. My hope is that these posts will inspire my readers to cut out a few luxury goods or learn a few DIY tricks to cut their excess spending. Below is a report of my income so far this month. The blacked out lines are income from a "surveys for cash" site I'm a member of, and I sometimes choose to sign up for free trials to get a higher payout, which is what the blacked out line in the expense category represents. I'm not disclosing the name of the site at this time as it's a referral site and I feel that posting a referral link would compromise the integrity of a fledgling blog.


This report was generated using Microsoft Money 2004.


DerekL said...

You bought no food this week?

Margaret said...

Haha, well this chart is just what money I spent making more money; shipping costs, packing supplies, etc.

At month's end there will be a detailed expense report.

Though to be fair, some weeks I don't actually spend anything on food. Between stocking up on legumes and working at a food place, I can often manage to not spend a cent on food in a given week. :-)

Michael said...

Can you elaborate on this "survey Sites" income?