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Friday, March 21, 2008

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Most of us can't afford too many big excursions out of the country, though I'd argue that traveling to a foreign country once every year or so is NOT an extravagant waste, in fact it is something you should save and plan for, if possible- but that's another post. When you are young and mostly broke (and by broke I mean living paycheck to paycheck, not saving much), simply Not Going to Work for a day or two can feel like a huge vacation.

Everyone travels to escape everyday life (and for a myriad of other reasons too, but escapism is the big one), and the traveling mentality often lends itself to irresponsible spending, especially when you're younger. Many of us don't even spend a full week planning before we skip town, and we end up draining our bank accounts and charging up our credit cards.

Then we come home to a tiny, tiny paycheck. Whoops.

And now, in a semi-regular series I'll be posting destination-specific thrifty travel guides so you can get out of town and have a little fun without coming home to a pile of overdraft notices. I'll be employing the help of friends and other bloggers so the series can be more diverse.

Later tonight, I'll begin with an extensive post on how to get the most out of San Francisco including; how to get into nearly every major SF museum for free, how to stay near Union Square for a week for less than $500 for two, how to get the Fisherman's Wharf experience without paying for it, and more!

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