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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Income & Spending for March

As promised, here's my cashflow and net worth report for March. I haven't quite settled yet on just how exactly I'll be presenting this, but for now this format will do. I've got quite a few areas to try to avoid spending next month, the greatest of which is groceries. I could potentially Not Spend upwards of $400 next month if I am disciplined.

I don't believe I'll feel deprived at all by curbing my spending so radically. As I said in my post announcing my plan to use my stores of food instead of shopping, I don't expect to bring in nearly as much income in April as I did in March. So in order to offset that, I'll be spending quite a bit less. I've got plenty of books to read, a Netflix account (Boyfriend and I have every episode of Star Trek ever queued up), basic cable, a high speed internet connection, board games, a bunch of unfinished craft/mending projects begging for my time, the list goes on.

I do plan on planting a dwarf citrus (most likely lemon) tree in a planter with some flowers and herbs around the middle of the month, and I plan to spend $100 or less on that project. Other than that, I plan to incur no major expenses except utility bills, rent, and gas for my car.

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