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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Reader Starred Items Round-Up!

I adore Google Reader. Here are some of the highlights from my starred personal finance item over the last month or so.

Want Some Extra Income? Try Odd Jobs! from The Digerati Life. A wonderful article on bringing in more income without losing your mind.

Are You and Ant or a Grasshopper? from Jason White at Wise Bread. I'm definitely a grasshopper turned ant.

What To Do With Your Economic Stimulus Payment (Or Any Found Money) from Consumerism Commentary. A shakedown of useful ways to spend windfalls.

Healthy, Frugal Eating by Philip Brewer at Wise Bread. "Every so often, I get hit in the face with two facts. First, Americans (even poor Americans) are unbelievably rich. Second, Americans (as a group) utterly lack a cultural tradition that teaches us how to eat a healthy, frugal diet."

10 Ways to Save Real Money from The Consumerist. The premier finance and consumer advocacy blog doles out some great advice on keeping your cash.

The Frugal Lifestyle: Are We Missing Out On Life? from Consumerism Commentary. Personally I'm a big fan of missing out on some things if it means I can go to Paris or not panic when my car breaks down.

Missing Money: Troll the Web for Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Owed to You from Consumerism Commentary again. After reading this article, I discovered that an old apartment management company owed me and my former roommates $475. Now if I can just gather the three other girls, we can cash the check and split the money.

Books For Every Level of Financial Acumen at SavingAdvice.com. A great list of books on personal finance. Many of these can be found at Goodwill, on Bookmooch, or online for cheap. Don't go broke building a personal finance library!

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