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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Carpet Jokes, Please

Why anyone buys anything new is beyond me. We got our Kenmore microwave for $7.50. We got a wicked sweet coffee table for $15.  There are folks who might spend upwards of $500 or more on just those two items alone.

But we also bought a rug at a fancy furniture place for $80. It was the display model, so we had it cleaned for $49. We've got hardwood floors, so a rug was necessary. We nabbed ourselves a $400 rug for a total of $129. Which is a hell of a lot for a rug, but not a whole hell of a lot for a rug that makes your feet feel oh, so happy. 

Here's the thing, I can see laying out $129 for a really nice rug, maybe even $150.  A good 5x8 rug. But who on EARTH would throw down $400 for the same thing I got for $129? I "saved" $271 on our rug. I use quotation marks because I didn't save it. I don't have $271 in savings.

But we do have a rug that makes our toes happy.

Another way we might have gotten a super nice rug - and I should have thought of this, but the rug matched the micro-suede couches my now in-laws bought us for Christmas and I couldn't resist - another way we could have nabbed a nice rug would have been to call up a few dry cleaners and ask them if they had any abandoned rugs lying around. Sometimes people drop them off for cleaning and never pick them up, or they can't pay for them, hence, abandoned rugs. Most dry cleaners will donate abandoned items to Goodwill or to other charities - but if you call and ask you could score a sweet rug for free.

Or for the cost of the original owners' dry cleaning, anyway.

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minniemama68 said...

Great idea!!! I'm calling my local dry cleaners tomorrow. My parents go to a lot of auctions, and the deals to be had there are unbelievable.....I've enjoyed your tips.

And I love Starbucks too, I'm convinced they put crack in their coffee....