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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've Got All These Pans...

If you're outfitting your kitchen with proper implements, you need to outfit yourself with some book-learnin'. So get a cookbook. A basic cookbook- if you're learning to cook more than Instant Whatever, you'll need one.

I'm partial to the red-checked cookbook, but that's most likely because my mother was too. In fact your mom (or dad) might have a recommendation for good a general-use cookbook. Your best bet (as suggested by my mom) is to head over to a Big Box Bookstore (Barnes & Noble or Borders) and flip through a few until you find one that suits you. Then leave the store without spending any money. Buy the book you chose (used!) on Amazon, or try to find it on bookmooch.

I should mention now that the purpose of this series is not to teach anyone how to become a gourmet cook. The purpose is to teach those who might be spending exorbitant amounts of money on overpriced brand name and prepackaged foods how to eat well for a fraction of what they're currently spending eating gunge.

In order to accomplish that, I'll be showing you- not telling you. I will not be spending one penny on groceries during the month of April. Intrigued? Come back on the first of the month for the first installment.

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klm said...

hmmm, so, what's on your grocery list for this weekend then? or is that Sundays post?